YouTube cooking star Randy Santel back in Northern Ireland for two more big food challenges

A professional catering champion who once demolished a huge soda filled Ulster Fry in Banbridge this summer has returned to Northern Ireland to take on more food challenges.

Andy Santel has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, where he’s known for tackling some of the world’s toughest professional food challenges.

Now the American is back, as he traveled east Belfast then Portadown to try another huge Ulster Fry breakfast at Newton Cafe/Brunch Bar on Newtownards Road then Whipped & Cream to Portadown for 5.5 pounds of ice cream.

His first challenge was to complete: four pieces of soda bread, four pieces of toast (eight halves), two pancakes (four halves), four potato pancakes, four sausages, four strips of bacon, four fried eggs, two tomatoes (halves), two fried hash browns, two pieces of black pudding, lots of grilled mushrooms, a box of baked beans and a kilo of crisps.

Despite the mammoth amount of food, it’s no surprise that Santel managed to finish it in an incredible 25 minutes and 48 seconds – the second time he’s taken on the challenge and only one of nine previous winners from over 1,000 who have tried it.

“I was again trying to win my free £20 Ulster breakfast plus another spot on the Wall of Fame,” Santel said.

“A big thank you to everyone with Newton Cafe/Brunch Bar for the wonderful food, drink and hospitality. Special thanks to everyone in the Belfast area who came out to watch.”

The latest challenge was number six of eight the pro has tackled across the province.

However, as if that weren’t enough, Santel then headed down Portadown’s Charles Street as he tackled 2.5kg of whipped ice cream.

“In the United States, it’s not common to find whipped ice cream that’s super delicious with a unique texture, compared to regular ice cream,” he said.

“For my first experience, I attempted the 2.5kg Whipped Ice Cream Sundae Challenge at Whipped & Cream, Portadown in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

“I had 30 minutes to feast on a massive 5.5lb whipped ice cream sundae with three sauce options of my choice and three different candy/nut toppings. I was trying to just become the 3rd champion to win my free £20 whipped sundae challenge plus a spot on the Whipped & Cream Wall of Fame.

“Special thanks to everyone in the Portadown area who came out to watch this Sunday afternoon.”

It was another successful attempt by Randy, finishing the dessert in eight minutes and 32 seconds.

In the summer, Santel traveled to Northern Ireland alongside partner Katina Dejarnett when they ate at Safari Banbridge.

This time, the man with 1.6 million social media followers enjoyed a 2.2 pound soda filled with: eight pork sausages, eight back bacon, eight extra large eggs, eight potatoes and 1 kg of onions and mushrooms.