Weekly Horoscopes: March 30 – April 5

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The zodiac wheel on the background of the night sky.

The new moon is Friday in Aries. A new cycle begins! The days ahead are about turning over a new leaf and developing your strength of character. Try not to worry about the things you can’t control, because there are plenty you might encounter. Instead, focus on what you can monitor and work to improve in these areas.


Happy birth season! Allow yourself to participate in your guilty pleasures. You are in need of a calming energy right now, and your vices may be calling you. It’s OK to indulge if you want. With everything, however, remember moderation. The problems you have to solve this week require you to be at your best.


Come back to reality. In a strange turn of events, you may have found yourself practically floating above your problems in an attempt to avoid them. Do not fear rooting simply because of the struggles you will face once you return to planet Earth. Remember how many people are here to support you.


Don’t get out of breath. Despite your natural tendency to be a joker, your energy must be saved for the immediate future. You cannot expect to be constantly on the move without consequence. You are smart, so you are probably aware of these consequences. You may just need to remind yourself that you deserve breaks.


Do you feel emotionally hurt? The world is harsh and often unreasonably cruel. Be sensitive to your emotions and take care of yourself. Don’t ask people to pamper you, but don’t be afraid to soothe yourself either. It can be anything from watching TV to eating a cupcake. You deserve peace as much as anyone else.


Go further. You’re chasing your dreams, which has led you to many great accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Chances are you’re just afraid of what’s on the other side of your goals, which can include more difficulty. Try to be excited for such challenges – you are strong!


Trust your ability to adapt. You are able to establish yourself in a variety of places, each with its own temperament and value, and in each place you have the ability to flourish. Don’t worry about where you choose to plant yourself; you can grow where and how you want. It’s never the end of the world.


Are you bored? Get out and explore DeKalb this week. You may find that trying a new restaurant or activity with friends could be just what you need to get out of any potential funk. If you need these new sensations, don’t deprive yourself of them! You deserve a day in the sun or an evening at the theater.


Cut yourself some slack. You are acutely aware of your failures and probably repress how upset they have upset you. Don’t be afraid to fail; it just means you can try again with a better understanding of how to succeed. Not everything comes naturally to people, which can be uncomfortable for perfectionists.


Routine is your friend. You can enjoy the unpredictable nature of life, but right now you can’t afford any surprises. Now is the time to keep a cool head, stick to a schedule, get enough sleep, and take your medication. Your duties (and your physical and mental health) require you to stay focused without burning out.


Prioritize depth in your relationships. Do you believe that you get quality connections with your peers just because you are around them? Encourage meaningful conversations. Try setting up a date for lunch or the like with your friends, as their love and support will fuel you in the days ahead.


Apply “DIY” to your life outside of crafting. Even if you don’t call yourself a crafty person, you probably have a critical eye and creative skills. You are also looking for efficiency. Even so, you’re leaving other people in charge of something that would be better suited if you did it instead. Find out what it is and put yourself at the head of it.


Protect your energy and your emotional life. Because of your trusting nature and your perceived vulnerability, people – bad people – will try to exploit you if given the chance. Make it hard for them to hurt you this week. Don’t become numb; others love you because you are sweet. Instead, learn to advocate for yourself and watch out for red flags.