Watch: Northern Ireland TikTok star India Sasha goes viral with over 30 million views on rock, paper and scissors prank video

Northern Irish TikTok star India Sasha has gone viral with over 30 million views on the social media platform thanks to her prank featuring the rock, paper, scissors game.

s Sasha, who also uses her platform on TikTok to post empowering videos about her disability, posted the clip from a night out last month playing the game against four others at a bar.

The 21-year-old influencer, who is in her final year of business studies at the University of Liverpool, is challenging the men to beat her, with the prize of a free drink offered.

“If I win the game, you all have to buy me and my friends drinks, you win, we buy you all the drinks. Rock Paper Scissors. You have four chances to one good,” she says in the video.

The Ballygomartin woman has a rare birth defect of the hand called symbrachydactyly.

The condition affects people from birth and will leave them with short, often webbed fingers. Some might have missing fingers, as is the case with Mrs. Sasha.

In the video, Ms Sasha is hysterical after revealing her hand to the four men playing the game.

With over 31 million views on TikTok and 4.3 million likes on the platform, the disability rights activist who describes herself on the platform as the “self-proclaimed CEO of One Hand Humor”, has been inundated with people expressing their love for his video and sense of fun.

A TikTok user wrote: “I think I fell in love. That pure spirit and the way she looked so victorious.

Speaking to The Sunday Life in July, Ms Sasha explained that she started making her videos in April 2020.

“The main ones that were blowing up were the videos where I was doing something with my hand,” she said.

“So I realized, like I always wanted to do something about it, every time I put myself in the right frame of mind and was positive with my hand, I wanted to amplify that to somehow, and TikTok introduced me to this door that I didn’t even know existed to be honest.

“So I continued because it gave me a career path and a way to do things that more than fulfills my wallet, it also fulfills what I want to accomplish in life.”

She added: “A lot of things in life are just funny and I try to put that in my videos and you find comedy works really well on this platform.

“And that’s something I do. I’ve always been told to be authentic, to be true to myself, so I just go with the flow, my videos usually come to me a minute before I make them so they’re natural and raw.

“I try to do it in a way that doesn’t take away value by making fun of me, I want people to laugh with me, and by laughing with me they actually learn.

“People don’t even realize that while I’m making these jokes and they’re laughing they’re actually learning about disability, so being able to educate people in a really light and fun way is a really valuable thing that I really like to do.