Ulster GAA launches new consent campaign

Ulster GAA has partnered with White Ribbon NI for a new campaign on the issue of consent.

Ulster GAA teamed up with White Ribbon NI for campaign The ‘Never Cross the Line’ initiative was launched with an event in Stormont on Monday 27th June.

Welcoming the new campaign, Cara Hunter, MP for SDLP East L’Derry, said it was important for leaders in sport and other communities to speak out to help educate young people on this important issue.

Ms Hunter said: “The new Ulster GAA and White Ribbon NI campaign is a welcome initiative that will make a real difference when it comes to educating young people about consent issues. It is a discussion that needs to take place in homes, schools and community groups across the North and I appreciate the Ulster GAA stepping up and showing leadership in this way.

“The only way we are going to educate our young people about consent and similar issues is to bring them out into the open. Our sports stars and other public figures are role models and they have significant influence. may not always be easy to speak out, they have the ability to make a positive difference in our society through the positions they take.

“We still have a long way to go when it comes to addressing issues such as consent and violence against women and girls. Although we have made significant progress in recent years, we are too often reminded of how far we still have to go. If we want to see real change, we need others to follow the Ulster GAA’s lead and speak out on this important issue.”

SDLP Newry & Armagh MLA Justin McNulty added: “Across this island, GAA players are leaders in their communities and with that comes a responsibility to lead by example, speak up and speak out against unacceptable behavior. I am happy to see the Ulster GAA leading the way on this important issue and doing their part to educate our young people about consent.

“I was delighted to sponsor the launch of this event at Stormont on Monday to help the Ulster GAA get this message out to the public. When conversations take place in sports team dressing rooms about consent, it is a positive decision and the GAA should be applauded. along with White Ribbon for their leading role in this. I hope to see other sporting and community leaders follow the Ulster GAA’s example and do their part to help us to build a better society for everyone here.