Study: Derry is the second best city in Northern Ireland for foodies

Food culture is on the rise, with the pandemic facilitating a 19% increase in on-site dining options and a collective £990m spent fueling our obsession with good food.

That’s why MuscleFood conducted a study to identify the best and worst food towns in Northern Ireland, looking at a number of factors from the number of Michelin star restaurants in the area to the number of Uber Eats available, we have created the perfect study to crown the gourmet capital.

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Not only is Belfast the capital, but it is also the gastronomic capital of Northern Ireland. The city took the top spot thanks to its 18 Michelin-starred restaurants and large number of cafes + teas. Belfast scored 68 out of 100, meaning they were above the rest.

Derry moved up to second place thanks to more healthy restaurants and the number of teas and coffees on offer. With a score of 18.7 out of 100, he beat Lisburn to second place.

Armagh has the most restaurants per capita, with 0.38 restaurants per person, this town has plenty to offer foodies, but is ranked lower due to a lack of healthy options.

Newry is Northern Ireland’s worst town for foodies

Despite having a large number of Uber Eats options, Newry came in at the bottom of the chart due to fewer restaurants per capita and a lack of healthy options.

The study found that Derry has 0.1065 restaurants per capita, with six ‘healthy restaurants’ and two Michelin-starred restaurants. The average weekly spend in Derry on food and soft drinks is £65.10.

The full study can be found here