Northern Ireland boss Kenny Shiels fails to master basic math in women’s football – Sam Quek

Comments by Northern Ireland women’s football manager Kenny Shiels on the emotional levels of men versus women in international sport are bigoted, alarming and damaging

Northern Ireland women’s coach Kenny Shiels has made controversial comments after his side’s 5-0 loss to England

Watching Northern Ireland women’s football manager Kenny Shiels give his absurd reasoning that the reason his side were beaten 5-0 at home by England was because women were “more emotional than men” was utterly disconcerting and grossly offensive.

Her comments are not only unfounded, but extremely damaging to women’s sport, as an international manager has fueled the archaic gender stereotype narrative that women are too emotional for the cut and push of competitive sport.

Referring to women’s football teams conceding goals in quick succession, he said: “Across the spectrum of women’s football, because women and girls are more emotional than men, so they score a goal, they don’t. don’t take very well”.

He continued: “When we lost 1-0, we killed the game, we tried to slow it down to give them time to get rid of the emotional imbalance.” What a load of shit!

First and foremost, the emotional state of women is not limited to football, so if there was any distant truth to this adherence, these alleged emotional fragilities would show up in all sports.

Yet, to my knowledge, it has never been reported that there are more 6-0 sets in women’s tennis, or more batting slumps in women’s cricket or wider scoring margins in golf. female, etc.

This is certainly not the case in hockey where women are conceding more goals in quick succession. What is more concerning is that Sheils tried to demonstrate that his comments are backed up by facts, as he told reporters to “check the records”.

While he may be right that there are more goals in quick succession in women’s football matches, he denied that this is because women’s matches, especially at international level, score many more goals than the men. be marked closer to each other.

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Northern Ireland Women’s manager Kenny Shiels speaks to the players during their World Cup 2023 qualifier against England at Windsor Park

A basic mathematical concept that he seems to have failed to grasp.

Rather than being due to women having an emotional imbalance, it is much more likely due to the much wider spectrum of quick investments in women’s football compared to men’s football.

The relative difference in quality between a lower-ranked women’s team and a lower-ranked men’s team is huge – leading to these huge chasms in ability and score lines. The naivety of a female international manager to fail to understand this and excuse her personal failings is frankly alarming.

How does Sheils justify his team only having 24% possession at home or only having one shot the entire game? Was it also because his wives were more emotional? Why were the Southampton men not accused of being too emotional when they conceded four goals in 23 minutes against Chelsea?

Sheils ended his press conference by saying “I shouldn’t have told you that”, which tells me that despite his later apologies, he doesn’t regret his bigoted views, he regrets saying them out loud.

If I was one of his players, I wouldn’t want to play for him anymore.

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