Music Against Homelessness: Gig raises £10,000 for the Simon community in Northern Ireland

After a host of local stars rocked the Europa Hotel in Belfast last weekend, the Belfast Telegraph and the Sunday Independent gig have been confirmed to have raised £10,000 for Simon Community Northern Ireland.

he concert saw local heroes like Brian Kennedy and Dea Matrona perform to raise much-needed funds for the charity sleeping down the street.

Others who delighted the crowd of 400 included Northern Irish artists Odhran Murphy, Gareth Dunlop, Eddie Booth and Commitments star Andrew Strong.

Lead act Kennedy said, “No one chooses to be homeless and we’re doing the fundraising concert to raise money and awareness.”

The show has been instrumental in highlighting the growing problem of homelessness amid the cost of living crisis, according to Simon Community chief executive Jim Dennison.

He said: “In our 50th year, we are seeing an increase in homelessness as the cost of living pushes ordinary people to make worrying choices between heating their homes or feeding their families.

“Today more than ever, we need to raise awareness about the issues of homelessness, poverty and their health consequences.

“By partnering with Music Against Homelessness, we wanted to give a voice to those affected by homelessness, shine a light on those who work tirelessly in the sector to bring about change and highlight the impact of our charity to put end to homelessness.

“One project the money raised will help support is our Creating Homes initiative which will see our charity buy and manage 50 properties for clients ready to live independently.”