More than 70 ‘very sick people’ are waiting in hospital beds at Northern Trust

A health trust in Northern Ireland released a statement on Monday afternoon after large numbers of A&E patients were waiting on beds.

The Northern Trust operates eight hospitals in Northern Ireland, two of which – Antrim Area Hospital and Causeway Hospital – have emergency services.

In a social media statement on June 13, the Northern Trust said there were “over 70 very sick people” waiting in their emergency departments to be admitted to wards.

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The statement continued: “We call for the full cooperation of patients, families and caregivers to support the discharge and help us free up much needed beds. Thank you.”

Earlier on Monday afternoon, the Trust said emergency departments at area Antrim and Causeway hospitals were at full capacity.

The Northern Trust has warned that patients whose conditions are ‘not serious’ will face a long wait.

A spokesperson added: “If you show up with a condition that is not serious, you will face a long wait. Please understand that the staff are working extremely hard under difficult circumstances. Thank you for your patience.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster, the Trust’s medical director Dr Seamus O’Reilly said the situation was “unusual” for this time of year.

He said: “I’m 35 years old in healthcare and I’ve never seen a month of June as bad as I see it now. It would almost remind you of what we would see after Christmas and during the winter period. , so it’s very unusual.”

It is understood that most patients awaiting admission to the wards are frail and elderly, with some awaiting surgery.

Northern Trust senior executives meet to develop an action plan to address the issue.

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