Michelin-starred restaurants Northern Ireland: Three spots retain their stars for 2022

Three Northern Irish restaurants have retained their Michelin star status for 2022.

It comes as the Michelin Guide today announced new stars for restaurants in the UK and Ireland. These stars are awarded to restaurants judged to be of a particularly high standard, with ratings of one, two or three stars.

Although there were no new winners for Northern Ireland this year, the three previous Michelin star winners here have retained their status for the coming year.

This means Ox Belfast, Deanes Eipic and Muddler’s Club all retain their one-star ratings, proving once again that the Northern Irish food scene is thriving.

Elsewhere, County Antrim-raised chef Clare Smyth has retained 3 Michelin stars – the highest rating possible – for her London restaurant CORE.

Chief Clare Smyth

Clare, who grew up in rural Antrim, opened her restaurant CORE in 2017. It was awarded three Michelin stars in 2021, making her the first Northern Irish chef to have a restaurant awarded three stars Michelin.

To the south, Chapter One restaurant in Dublin and Liath restaurant in Blackrock both received two Michelin stars this year, where they join previous two-star winner Patrick Guilbaud.

You can find the full list of restaurants in the UK and Ireland that have received or retained their stars for 2022 here.

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