History and goals: Northern Ireland 2-2 Cyprus in the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League | 06/12/2022

10:58 5 hours ago

90+8′ End of the match

The game is over! Tie at the end between Northern Ireland and Cyprus which ends up being fair as each team enjoyed their moment.

10:56 5 hours ago

90+4′ GOOOOOOALLL for Northern Ireland!

JONNY EVANS! The defender scores with a shot inside the area that touches the crossbar and goes in.

10:52 5 hours ago

90′ Additional time

Six additional minutes will be played in the game.

10:44 5 hours ago

85′ Last minute

Northern Ireland are still looking for an equaliser. In the final minutes, they lost their precision in the final quarter.

10:40 5 hours ago

80′ Last straight line of the match

Last 10 minutes to end the game. Northern Ireland caught their breath after the goal and Cyprus are currently going through their worst moment.

10:35 5 hours ago

77′ Northern Ireland got closer

Dion Charles shot on goal and the Cypriot goalkeeper saved the shot.

10:32 5 hours ago

71′ GOOOOOAL for Northern Ireland

PADDY MCNAIR! The defender scores the handover for the Northern Irish.

10:31 5 hours ago

69′ Triple substitution Northern Ireland

Enter Niali McGinn, Dion Charles and Conor Bradley in place of Conor McMenamin, Kyle Lafferty and Brodie Spencer.

10:30 6 hours ago

68′ Substitution Cyprus

Nicholas Ioannou replaces Konstantinos Laifis.

10:28 6 hours ago

68′ Yellow card

Steven Davis has been booked for Northern Ireland.

10:26 6 hours ago

65′ Still 0-2 on the scoreboard

Northern Ireland are still not generating a scoring chance. The team’s performance so far is very poor.

10:21 6 hours ago

60′ First quarter of the second half

Cyprus continues to win comfortably. Northern Ireland lack creativity in generating goalscoring opportunities.

10:14 6 hours ago

55 ‘Northern Ireland still does not react

The home team continues without creating danger in the opposing goal and Cyprus enters its surface waiting to counter-attack.

10:07 6 hours ago

50′ GOOOOOAL for Cyprus

ANDRONIKOS KAKOULLI! The striker scores again in the match, this time after a pass from Tzionis in the box.

10:03 6 hours ago

The second half begins

The game resumes at Windsor Park. Cyprus have made a switch with Antreas Panayiotou replacing Ioannis Pittas.

09:47 6 hours ago

45+1′ End of the first half

The first half ends. Cyprus win by minimum difference with Kakoulli’s goal.

09:46 6 hours ago

45′ Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.

09:44 6 hours ago

43′ Northern Ireland got it!

McMenamin approached the penalty area from the left, fired a shot and goalkeeper Christodoulou closed the angle well.

09:38 6 hours ago

37′ Northern Ireland still close

Steven Davis’ shot was handled by Christodoulou to send the ball for a corner.

09:37 6 hours ago

35′ Northern Ireland got closer

Kyle Lafferty’s shot was quietly picked up by Andreas Christodoulou.

09:35 6 hours ago

32′ A LOT for Cyprus

ANDRONIKOS KAKOULLI! The forward headed in a Chambo Kyriakpu cross to deny Trevor Carson.

09:33 6 hours ago

30′ After half an hour of match

The game is still 0-0. Cyprus started to dare a lot more to go on the attack, but without being clear.

09:26 7 hours ago

25′ Still 0-0

The Cypriots try to cross the middle line, but like their adversaries, they lack lucidity.

09:23 7 hours ago

20′ The tie is maintained

No chance to score clearly so far. Boring match played away from the penalty area.

09:17 7 hours ago

15′ First quarter of the match

For now, Cyprus holds the game and when it has the opportunity to go on the attack, it does so with a certain shyness. We are still 0-0.

09:11 7 hours ago

10′ The match is still tied

The game remains tied. Northern Ireland continue to dominate the ball, but haven’t scored.

09:11 7 hours ago

5′ First minutes

Not much happens at the start of the game. Northern Ireland are now trying to dominate the proceedings and not let Cyprus take the ball.

09:00 7 hours ago

The game begins

The match between Northern Ireland and Cyprus begins.

09:00 7 hours ago

Group C2 – Ranking

Greece – 9 pts (+5 GD)
Kosovo – 6 pts (+2 GD)
Northern Ireland – 1 pt (-2 GD)
Cyprus – 1 pt (-5 GD)

08:58 7 hours ago

Match officials

Arbitrator: Ricardo de Burgos – Spain
Deputy #1: Roberto del Palomar – Spain
Assistant No. 2: Jon Núñez – Spain
Fourth official: Adrian Cordero – Spain
VAR: José Luis Munuera – Spain
VAR wizard: Pau Cebrián Devis – Spain

08:56 7 hours ago

Field teams

Northern Ireland and Cyprus players take to the pitch at Windsor Park.

08:55 7 hours ago

Substitutes – Cyprus

be confirmed.

08:50 7 hours ago

Starting XI – Cyprus

be confirmed.

08:45 7 hours ago

Alternates – Northern Ireland

be confirmed.

08:40 7 hours ago

Starting XI – Northern Ireland

08:35 7 hours ago

Last game between the two teams

08:30 8 hours ago

Last five matches – Cyprus

08:25 8 hours ago

Last five games – Northern Ireland

08:20 8 hours ago

Happy to see you again

We’re ready to bring you the action from the match between Northern Ireland and Cyprus, Matchday 4 of UEFA Nations League Group C2.

08:15 8 hours ago

Tune in here Northern Ireland vs Cyprus Live Score!

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08:10 8 hours ago

How to Watch Northern Ireland vs Cyprus Live on TV and Online?

08:05 8 hours ago

What time is the Northern Ireland vs Cyprus match for the UEFA Nations League?

08:00 8 hours ago

Key player – Cyprus

The presence of Pieros Sotiriou stands out in Cyprus. The 29-year-old striker is coming off a great season with Ludogorets and is looking to reaffirm his goalscoring ability by representing his country, with whom he has already celebrated 19 times since making his debut for the U-19 side in 2011.

07:55 8 hours ago

Key player – Northern Ireland

The presence of Shayle Lavery stands out in Northern Ireland. The 23-year-old striker is one of the hopes of this national team, in which he has shown many qualities, being a sacrificial player and able to score goals.

07:50 8 hours ago

History of Northern Ireland v Cyprus

These two teams have met seven times. The numbers are in favor of the Northern Irish, who have won three times, while the Cypriots have won once and the remaining three matches ended in a draw.

07:45 8 hours ago

Match preview

07:35 8 hours ago

The game will be played at Windsor Park

07:30 9 hours ago

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